Adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
Target users


Motivating materials



Lifelong learning




Speaking skills

Electronic portfolio

Learners of English for Academic Purposes (EAP), especially university students, lecturers and staff

From B1 to C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Authentic multimedia materials of general academic interest

Emphasis on communication in real academic and professional contexts.

Allows for different learning routes, can be used as part of a course or by independent learners

Emphasis on developing students’ autonomy and critical thinking skills

Integrating content and language, developing different types of cross-curricular competences

Monitoring the learning process and storing learners’ production (study guide, personal log, etc.).

A learning environment for individual and collaborative activities with tools for communication and the exchange of materials.

Tools to record and store students’ speech as well as an interactive tutorial for improving pronunciation.

To store and share students’ written and oral production.

versatility Quantum LEAP can be used either by the independent learner or as the basis for class work, with the guidance of a teacher. Besides, it also allows for both individual and collaborative work.
levels It can be adapted to different levels, needs, interests, and learning styles (levels B1-C1 from the Common European Framework). Independent modules allow you to choose those areas that you want to work on. You are not expected to go through all the activities in a module, but you can choose those that best suit your needs.
competences The modules are listed on the map according to an approximate gradation. However, flexible learning routes are possible, as the language and skills contents are constantly reviewed throughout different modules. The map of the modules contains complete information about the contents of each.
planning Each module contains a study guide and a personal log to help you plan and monitor your work. Many of the activities allow for different learning routes and they include suggestions for independent learners.